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Making the move from teacher to administrator, becoming a principal, is a chance to make broader changes and positive impact for a much larger group of people in your school or community. Principals have the unique opportunity to implement changes that make significant strides towards a better commu...

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Dr. Hyesun Cho is an assistant professor at the University of Kansas. She has been at KU since the fall of 2011. She earned her B.A. degree from Korea University in Seoul, Korea, and upon graduation, started working as an English teacher at a middle school in 1995. She then earned her M.A. in Englis...

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The decision to go to graduate school is an exciting, rewarding and, sometimes, scary one. Graduate education can open doors to better professional opportunities – and an increased salary – and make you better at what you do. Though graduate school can seem overwhelming, with the right strategies, i...

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The ALTEC (Advanced Learning Technologies in Education Consortia) division of KU’s Center for Research on Learning recently hosted a Summer Technology Camp. The camp served as a meeting point for educators across the state to discuss, share and experience technology-related education practices. The...

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“The Emily Taylor Center for Women & Gender Equity has announced 27 honorees for the 2014-15 Women of Distinction calendar. The women were selected for their outstanding contributions to the university and community."

One of the women chosen was Dr. Sally Roberts. Dr. Roberts is the associate dean...

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