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04 Mar

Nicole’s Learning Lab: Strategies for Special Ed Classrooms

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This is another installation in our Teacher Blogger feature, here is a profile of Nicole’s Learning Lab

Nicole Ricca is a special education teacher in Upstate New York with a passion for helping those in her field educate students with learning disabilities. She is certainly extremely qualified. Nicole holds dual bachelor’s degrees in Elementary and Exception education. She also has a master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. Nicole also holds certifications to teach Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities in grades 1-6.

She currently serves as a special education teacher for fifth grade students in her district and has developed a number of helpful resources for teachers who teach special education students. Her blog, Nicole’s Learning Lab, was created to be a resource for educators in special education.

“I started this blog to share some strategies and ideas that I have found to be helpful in my classrooms,” she wrote. “Blogging is a brand new experience for me but I am excited to get started … I hope you decide to stick around and can learn something new to implement in your own classroom.”

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