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There is a new brand of teacher that is bridging the gap between the traditional classroom teacher, the administrator and the educational policy maker: the teacherpreneur. In the past, most schools have relied on a hierarchy that separates the people who create schools’ educational policies (adminis...

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School administrators provide the structure, framework and support for all teaching activities. As an administrator, you can plan, develop and implement strategies designed to improve student literacy and resulting test scores. Given that early literacy is critical for academic success, starting l...

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An IEP (Individualized Education Program) is a written plan for students with identified disabilities which sets the conditions for the specific accommodations, materials, and instructional approaches needed in order for the students to learn effectively. A federal law called IDEA (the Individuals...

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Co-teaching occurs when two instructional professionals work with the same group of students, in the same classroom, at the same time. Co-teaching may occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes, teachers in different disciplines work together to integrate their discipline knowledge in one seamless cou...

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Teaching literacy to students means that they are given the ability to communicate clearly and effectively and form the foundation of modern life. Students that can’t read effectively fail to grasp important concepts, score poorly on tests and ultimately, fail to meet educational milestones. Literac...

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