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Parental involvement plays a critical role in students’ academic success. When you work with parents, you get the extra support needed to help struggling children turn around their performance. You also encourage a lifelong love of learning in every student, creating more engaged and excited learner...

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America is often described as a “nation of immigrants”. Not only do we have cultures from all over the world, we create our own. Children grow up learning the customs of their heritage as well as the cultural practices prevalent in America today. In some parts of the country, the multicultural class...

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High-incidence, adaptive, cross-categorical or multi-categorical--is there a difference?

Special Education licensure and endorsement varies from state to state, as does the terminology used in describing the knowledge that is required and the students to whom it applies. In general, the terms “hig...

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We live in a tech-savvy world. There is an app for everything. There are machines that can track the number of steps you take in a day. Information is at everyone’s fingertips and it is constantly updated. Gone are the dusty days of encyclopedias, and as much as some of us may reminisce for actually...

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Writing a recommendation letter can be a bit of a daunting task. On the one hand, you might be flattered, excited and eager to help; on the other, you might be stressed out and unsure of how best to go about it. There are a number of factors to take into account when writing a letter of recommendati...

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