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Requesting a recommendation letter can be intimidating. You’re asking someone to do you a significant favor, and want to simultaneously make sure that they are entirely aware of what your application is about and inconvenience them as little as possible. This thinking—though understandable—needs to...

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Every October, anti-bullying organizations ramp up efforts to counter the negative effects of bullying across grade levels and ages. Initiatives span from STOMP Out Bullying’s “Blue Shirt Day” to simply encouraging students to reach out to peers who may be left out or isolated at school. PACER—the f...

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Dr. Joe Novak is the coordinator of the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (ELPS) Master’s program in Educational Administration, director of the Professional Development School program and senior lecturer at the University of Kansas School of Education and Human Sciences. Novak worked as a h...

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There are a variety of graduate degree programs offered to educators. Though they might seem interchangeable, there are more differences than you might think. Knowing the differences will help you find the right education you need to advance your career.

Read on for some general guidelines about t...

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Bullying and harassment is a not a new problem that school communities face, but it is one whose long-term effects are drawing public attention and encouraging real efforts towards improving the lives of all students. Many education professionals are more and more concerned with how to prevent bully...

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