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Each November, the National Education Association (NEA) hosts American Education Week to celebrate public education and the individuals whose passion for teaching transforms the lives of students.

In honor of American Education Week, Dr. Rick Ginsberg, dean of the University of Kansas School of E...

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Even if you’ve known for years that you want to be a reading specialist, knowing what academic credentials you need to have to achieve that goal can be challenging. It can be even more confusing if this is a new field you’ve only recently decided to transition into.

Regardless of where you stand i...

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Course Spotlight: SPED 756 Special Education Leadership

Whether you’re a teacher, school administrator or educational policy advisor, leadership plays an integral role in the classroom—particularly the special education classroom. Standing up, advocating for and empowering disabled or disadvantage...

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As an online student at the University of Kansas School of Education and Human Sciences, you’ll experience a number of innovative tools and resources that are designed to enrich your overall learning experience. One of the most unique aspects of our online programs is our Reading Room, a customiza...

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Dr. Joe Novak is the coordinator of the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (ELPS) Master’s program in Educational Administration, director of the Professional Development School program and senior lecturer at the University of Kansas School of Education and Human Sciences. Novak worked as a h...

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