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10 Mar

Teach Love Autism: Special Ed Resources

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This is another installation in our Teacher Blogger feature, here is a profile of Teach Love Autism.

Educators trained to teach students with Autism need all of the helpful resources they can get their hands on. In fact, the more teachers with autistic students collaborate and share ideas, the better it is for everyone involved.

Jenn is a special education teacher for middle school aged children with autism. This is a new venture for her as her previous teaching position involved educating children in pre-K and 1st grade.

“This is quite a jump for me but, I am happy to be testing the waters and seeing how I do in the special education world,” she wrote on her Teach Love Autism blog.

She has also developed a number of helpful flashcards, posters and other visuals to help benefit teachers with instruction and students with learning.

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December 28

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January 14


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