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TESOL Practicum Experience

The TESOL practicum allows individuals to gain supervised experience in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) for a professional KSDE ESOL endorsement and advancement. It is designed to provide intense and direct teaching experiences with learners of English in accredited K-12 educational contexts at an age and language level suited to the practicum student’s initial license and professional interests. Students who complete the TESOL practicum will:

  • Demonstrate their knowledge of TESOL and exhibit competency as a classroom teacher
  • Participate in ongoing professional dialogue with a cooperating teacher and/or university supervisor
  • Demonstrate the ability to investigate key TESOL issues in the classroom setting
  • Demonstrate professional competencies associated with Kansas ESOL endorsement standards

Important Dates

Application Deadline

April 26
Summer 2019 Term

Next Start

May 13
Summer 2019 Term

Application Deadline

August 9
Fall 2019 Term


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