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Graduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder Courses

The online Graduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) teaches learning professionals how to effectively work with students across the autism spectrum. Read this page to learn more about the topics and courses available to those getting their Certificate in ASD at KU. Unless otherwise noted, all courses listed are worth 3 credits.

Please note: Course list and sequence are subject to change.

SPED 760 - Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder

An introductory graduate-level course on autism spectrum disorder. It addresses characteristics of children and youth with autism spectrum disorder, trends and issues associated with autism spectrum disorder, and effective practices and strategies for structuring, managing and promoting social skill development and social interactions among learners with autism spectrum disorder.

SPED 785 - Application of Assessment Information for Exceptional Children & Youth: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Learn more about the kinds of information that social and cognitive development assessments offer special educators, families, students and other practitioners. Experience the use of assessment data to design Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and plan instruction, management and support programs. Understand how to design and use informal assessments that are specific to the needs of exceptional children and youth. Practice preparing and using assessment data to create and implement instruction in collaboration with other practitioners. Prerequisite: An undergraduate or graduate course in educational measurement, and SPED 760. LEC.

SPED 790 - Methods for Learners with Higher-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder

This is a methods course, with special emphasis on learners with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder. Particular attention is given to effective practices and strategies for teaching, managing and promoting social skill and social communication development and proactive social interactions.

SPED 860 - Education of Children & Youth with Disabilities: Autism Spectrum Disorder

This course is designed to prepare students to implement specialized alternative strategies for individualized group instruction. Methods for developing and implementing overall treatment/educational programs, planning or selecting curriculum/service models for programs and developing instructional materials are emphasized. Procedures for managing classroom staff and service resources, coordinating educational programs with families, other service personnel and program support staff and monitoring overall program effectiveness are addressed.

SPED 772 - Observation and Participation with Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (1 credit)

This is a field experience for the graduate student who is seeking to become familiar with settings in which assessment, intervention and other educational and clinical services are provided for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This field experience is designed to provide an opportunity to observe services provided to children and youth with a range of ASD, and must be completed under the supervision of qualified and licensed special education teachers and/or other licensed professionals with training and experience in ASD assessment and intervention (e.g., psychologists, behavior analysts, speech/language pathologists or occupational therapists).

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August 9
Fall 2019 Term

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August 26
Fall 2019 Term


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