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Online Learning: Resources for Science Classes

Science is all around us, and it can be fascinating, but it can also be hard. There are so many different areas of science to learn about. If you're fascinated by how the body works, nature and animals, then life sciences are probably your favorite science classes. But, if you like to learn about things like force, energy and the makeup of things down to the molecular level, then physical sciences might be more your thing.

Whatever your favorite science subject is, there are resources, including online science magazines, videos and interactive lessons available to help you further your science education. If you're struggling to understand a science concept or if you need a little extra practice to ace your science class, you may want to try some practice worksheets or free quizzes to test your knowledge and discover areas where you need to spend a little more time studying. You can even find some online games that can help you learn science concepts while you have fun. There are also instructions for experiments of all kinds, so you can get some hands-on practice.

General Science

  • Science News - Read articles on science-related topics organized by subjects like Atom & Cosmos, Body & Brain, Matter & Energy, Life & Evolution and more in this online magazine.

  • Science Tools - Use free tools and data to explore science and perform science experiments, such as a stopwatch or a tool for creating graphs. There are also printable tools available, like rulers, graph paper and a decimeter box.

  • Famous Scientists - Watch free videos about famous scientists like Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking.

  • Science Fairs and Competitions - View a list of national and international science fairs and competitions where students can enter science projects. Some competitions award scholarships or cash prizes.

Physical Science

  • Law of Conservation of Momentum - Use these resources to learn about the law of conservation of momentum. Resources include reading materials with videos, a downloadable quiz and practice exercises.

  • Physical Science Lesson Materials - Access worksheets, activities, labs and articles about high school level physics and chemistry concepts.

  • Physical Science Projects - Try these hands-on projects to enhance your physical science education experience. Practice science skills by building a balloon hovercraft or a solar oven, or learn about concepts like Newton's laws of motion and centripetal force by trying an experiment.

  • Chemistry Worksheets - Practice solving chemistry problems with these worksheets. Topics include reaction, solutions, calculations and more.

Life Science

  • Biology Lessons - The Concord Consortium offers online interactive lessons on many biology topics, like cellular respiration and meiosis. Create an account for free, and download lessons to work through at your own pace.

  • Animal Behavior Lab - Practice your scientific observation skills using this lab about how earthworms move. This lab includes a materials list, safety instructions, lab instructions and a video.

  • Ocean Chemistry (PDF) - Find out how carbon dioxide affects the pH of the ocean with this lesson plan from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

  • Taxonomy Worksheet (PDF) - Brush up on your knowledge of taxonomy using this worksheet that provides practice in vocabulary words, naming organisms from kingdom to species and understanding key concepts.

Science Games

  • Space Simulator - This game allows users to experience space flight and see what it was like to take historical space flights, like the first journey to the moon. The game features a realistic look at space flight and includes the complete Apollo program and Space Shuttle program missions.

  • Blood Typing Game - Learn about blood types with this interactive game where users must save the lives of patients in an emergency room by ensuring they receive a blood transfusion of the right blood type.

  • Virtual Frog Dissection - A virtual frog teaches anatomy with a reverse dissection in which users rebuild the frog by adding systems and organs.

  • Chemical Equation Game - Practice balancing chemical equations with this online game from Jefferson Lab.

Experiments to Try at Home

  • Density Experiment - Conduct an experiment in liquid densities and drink the results!

  • Growing and Shrinking Egg - Use vinegar to dissolve the shells of eggs and then put them in other liquids to observe chemical reactions.

  • Six Science Experiments - Try six different science experiments, like swimming spaghetti or making a lava lamp, with this list of experiments and instructions that use common household items.

  • Underwater Candle Experiment (video) - Watch a video showing how to make a candle burn underwater and then try it yourself.

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