Learn more about what a learning dis/ability is, the types of learning dis/abilities that exist, which classroom methods are most effective, and how learning dis/abilities differ from autism.
Read on to learn about the highest paying special education careers that are available to educators who have the right experience and skills which can be learned in a top-ranked special education master’s programs from a leading university.
Learn more about the rewarding careers and annual salaries that are available for those who have earned a special education master’s degree.
Learn about low-incidence versus high-incidence dis/abilities, what approaches can help teach students, and how you can gain the knowledge and experience to help students in your classrooms
Sydney Castonguay, M.S.E, '21, shares how KU’s Autism Certificate is improving her teaching career and her student's learning outcomes.
Learn how you can build a growth mindset in your own classrooms and how doing so creates a more positive learning environment that can help your students.
In today’s data-rich, analytics-capable classrooms, both quantifiable and qualitative evidence can be used by educators to show evidence of learning (EOL) by students.
Learn how earning both her graduate certificate in ASD and her master’s degree in high incidence disability, from top-ranked KU, has helped Sydney Castonguay find a renewed interest in education that has launched a new career focus and propelled her to pursue her doctorate in special education at KU.
Teaching certifications provide additional training for someone interested in teaching English as a second language (ESL). Read on to learn the basics about the most common teaching certifications and the benefits of a TESL certification.
People are drawn to teaching as a profession because it gives them an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Teachers are role models who inspire their students. More importantly, teachers impart the valuable skills and knowledge that students need to excel in their course work and go on to have meaningful careers.
The COVID-19 pandemic upended global classrooms in early 2020 and forced many schools to move to a distance learning model. The adoption of more technology to keep students and teachers connecting during this crisis was an acceleration of tech trends already in motion.
Imagine your classroom is full of students. You are at the front of the room, marker in hand, about to wax eloquent on the whiteboard. Whether your students are unruly or listening intently, the most important thing is that you are imparting knowledge and making a difference in their lives.
Although classroom teachers make just $59,346 a year on average—more if you decide to pursue a master's degree—they bear tremendous responsibility. Teachers have the power to change lives by inspiring and motivating individuals in their formative years.
Higher education has become a necessity for many people who want to pursue a career in today’s job market. In an increasingly competitive landscape for top jobs, getting a bachelor’s degree might not be enough.
To succeed, businesses need planning and oversight … and schools need educational management. The people in leadership positions set their institutions’ academic standards by choosing and evaluating their faculty and developing faculty skills. They’re responsible for determining whether an institution fulfills its educational mandate, creating solutions if it doesn’t, and, if it does, maintaining and improving upon the current standards.
Who would have thought that memes—those images, videos, and pieces of text that are copied, often modified, and spread via internet—have roots in ancient Greek?
Read an interview with two lifelong friends who met as online graduate education students at KU. Apply today.
Explore educational transition specialization and several careers available within it. Apply to the online graduate education programs at KU.
Explore whether or not the concept of learning styles is a neuromyth and discover how evidence-based practices can provide better approaches to education.
In the last decade, HyperDocs have made a big splash in education. Explore some of the reasons why. Apply to the online graduate education programs at KU.
You may be looking for ways to get to know your students quickly at the start of the school year. You might be getting ready for parents’ night or working to spark kids’ interest in numbers. For these reasons, and to infuse a sense of personal immediacy into your curriculum at any point in the year, Math About Me activities can be highly useful.
In September 2020, a fifth grade teacher named Dana began a product review on an educators’ resource website by saying, “After distance learning last year, I knew that I needed to start this year with explicitly teaching how to navigate Google Classroom.” She was reviewing a guide of activities...
Karrie Shogren, associate professor of special education and associate director of the Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities, and Michael Wehmeyer, professor of special education and executive director of the Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities, are at the forefro...
This is another installation in our Teacher Blogger feature, here is a profile of Free Tech 4 Teachers. When it comes to educating students in classrooms, teachers can use all the helpful resources they can get their hands on. No two students are alike and it would be irresponsible for teache...
The story of the 20% Project goes back nearly a century. In 1923, while at an auto body shop in St. Paul, Minnesota, 3M engineer Richard Drew noticed a car painter struggling with tape that ineffectively kept paint from bleeding into ar...
This is another installation in our Teacher Blogger feature, here is a profile of Leading Successful and Dynamic Schools. To say that Scott Taylor is an accomplished educator would be an understatement. Not only does he hold a bachelor’s degree in English, but he also has a master’s in educat...