We understand selecting a top-quality, affordable master’s-level education is a priority.

We’ve created this page with comprehensive tuition information, financial aid information, and additional resources to help you determine the costs—and benefits—of enrolling in our top-ranked University of Kansas online courses.

Our online master’s programs: Cost details

As a prospective student, at this stage of your educational journey, it's perfectly understandable to want to know exactly how much does a graduate certificate cost and how much are SPED school fees, (including per credit hour costs). You may also be interested in knowing more about online master's degree cost details. We want those costs to be transparent. We've created the following chart to help you quickly determine costs for University of Kansas online graduate programs and help you see choosing a KU online master's degree program gives you a world-class education at a cost-effective annual tuition.

You may be eligible for financial aid to help make the cost of graduate school more affordable.

Curriculum and Instruction

Credit CostCredit HoursTotal*
Curriculum and Instruction
Master's $59530 $17,850
Reading Education
Master's, Licensure Track$59533$19,635
Master's, Non-Licensure Track$59530$17,850
Licensure Endorsement$59521$12,495
Graduate Certificate$59518$10,710
Licensure Endorsement$59518$10,710
Graduate Certificate$59515$8,925

Education Leadership and Policy Studies

Credit CostCredit HoursTotal*
Educational Administration
Post-Master's Graduate Certificate$59524$14,280

Special Education

ΩCredit CostCredit HoursTotal*
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Master's $59536$21,420
Graduate Certificate$59513$7,735
Leadership in Special and Inclusive Education
Graduate Certificate$59512$7,140
High Incidence Disabilities
Licensure Endorsement$59527$16,065
Secondary Special Education and Transition
Graduate Certificate$59515$8,925

*Tuition and costs effective as of February 2, 2024. Tuition rates are not inclusive of textbooks and fees. Tuition and costs are subject to change and should be confirmed on the University’s official tuition listing at financialaid.ku.edu/calculate-costs/tuition-and-fees.

Online master’s programs application fees

Our top-quality programs come with a small application fee. Here's why:

We've customized and streamlined our online master's application so that your personality, experiences, and best qualities shine through. The admissions team we've built—the human side of our easy application process—helps make this process possible.

For a small fee, our expert admissions committee ensures applications are thoroughly reviewed for both the quality and content of your total experiences. At KU, we believe that no one pathway or particular set of experiences are necessary for admission—or success—in our programs.

We take into account all experiences that have helped you become who you are today. Please share your story with us. Apply now! We appreciate—and look for—a variety of life and work experiences that make you who you are today.

Application Fees

  • Master's degree: $65 for U.S. residents, $85 for international applicants
  • Graduate certificate: $30
  • Licensure endorsement: $30

Financial aid: Support for your educational future

You may be eligible for financial aid to help make the cost of KU graduate school even more affordable.

If you have any questions about financial aid and tuition options, we’re here to help! Our staff has years of experience guiding students to their best options to become a KU Jayhawk student. We can provide answers concerning:

  • Credit hours and online program cost
  • If out-of-state tuition and in-state tuition rates apply
  • Active service members benefits
  • Federal financial aid opportunities
  • Employer tuition assistance
  • Transferring credits
  • Credit hours and online program cost
  • If out-of-state tuition and in-state tuition rates apply
  • Active service members benefits
  • Federal financial aid opportunities
  • Employer tuition assistance
  • Transferring credits

KU online master’s tuition: We offer affordable online master’s programs

Better online master’s-level education at the right price

At the University of Kansas School of Education and Human Sciences, we offer top-ranked online degrees at a fraction of what other top, accredited master’s-level education programs cost.

Best Online Master's in Special Education Programs1
Best Online Master’s in Education Programs for Veterans1
Best Online Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction Programs1
Best Online Master’s in Education Programs1

Pay less for our superior online master’s degree programs

We believe quality higher education should be accessible education.

University of Kansas online graduate programs offer competitive online tuition rates when compared to other online schools and on campus programs. Not only will you be getting an affordable online master’s degree, you will be learning advanced education skills from among the top faculty in the nation.

KU online master’s students can obtain our affordable online master’s degrees, certificates, and a licensure in a number of essential educational subjects and specialties, from early childhood education to elementary education to secondary education to autism education to educational administration.

By enrolling in University of Kansas online courses, you have the unique opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge base that are vital to meeting your students’ diverse needs and managing todays tech-connected classrooms. As a KU online student, you are perfectly poised to accelerate your career growth and opportunities while working toward personal and professional aspirations in the evolving fields of:

  • Special Education
  • Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Curriculum and Teaching
student taking an online class

Our nationally respected master's-level programs deliver the latest theoretical approaches and highly applicable skills. By choosing KU online master's programs, you will enjoy many advantages not found in other programs, including competitive graduate certificate costs and graduate school tuition rates.

At KU, our online students matter. Here’s why…

Real-world learning in a 100% accessible, online format.

University of Kansas Online students are just as important to us as our on-campus, in-person students. We offer the same world-class academics, curriculum, and professors in our KU online graduate programs. Our 100% online learning platform provides you with a flexible schedule that allows you to optimize your work-life-education balance as you earn your KU online degree.

Connective classroom experiences which foster professional and personal growth

KU's online learning setting fosters connection and collaboration via strong, peer-to-peer based learning environments and robust cohorts. Students enrolled in our online classes are active in their field and have, on average, seven-and-a-half years of professional experience when they join our online classrooms.

An impressive 93% of our online students participate in the field of education.3 There's no shortage of professional and personal connections you can make in a KU online master's program.

woman taking an online class with child playing next to her

The best of both worlds: Advance your opportunities and continue to work

While pursuing an affordable University of Kansas online master's in education, you can continue teaching and learning at your preferred pace while still making an impact in your daily life as you take online courses.

Our top-ranked educators build relationships with fellow educators like you

Our faculty members are published researchers who are well-known in their fields and the backbone of our accredited programs. For all of their accolades, our online classroom faculty also have in-classroom experience, empathy, and willingly engage with online students to understand each student’s particular academic needs and interests; they are flexible and understand the demands of teaching, family, and coursework that enrolled students balance. Our faculty have prepared students for real-world classrooms as well as doctoral program study.

headshot of Stacie D
We all want everybody to live, learn, and work and be our good neighbors.
Stacie D, KU School of Education and Human Sciences faculty

Here’s what our students have to say about the value of our University of Kansas graduate tuition:

According to self-reported data from our graduate students, KU's top-ranked education master's level degrees and certificates have helped our students and alumni:

  • Increase earning potential and employment opportunities
  • Make valuable professional connections
  • Feel more effective in their work/classroom settings
  • Easily connect with KU students and faculty from any location
of alumni say they were able to use what they learned at KU in their professional role2
of alumni report salary increases upon graduation2
of alumni recommend the program2
headshot of Marna T
The fact that it is so flexible and I can do my full-time job while I am working on my studies at night is just really convenient for me.
Marna T., LSIE Certificate, Fall '21

The KU way: Our commitment to prospective graduate degree students

KU is committed to helping you find the best solution for your needs. Our staff will get you on a fast track toward accomplishing educational and life goals by answering questions including, "How does online tuition work?"

If you need any assistance with understanding how our online education tuition works, read this page for more information on that topic.

Online master’s tuition: It pays to be a KU Jayhawk

By becoming a KU Jayhawk, you're joining a well-connected family of powerful, influential alumni with national & global ties in the field of education and beyond.

Our affordable online master's programs provide the added bonus of:

  • One-to-one mentorship
  • Peer-to-peer, shared learning experiences
  • Applicable teaching experiences and key takeaways for a multitude of educational settings
  • Access to leading research, coursework, and professors
  • Academic excellence in online learning, with online classroom support
  • Future-forward, virtual classroom online learning applications and tools
  • Friendly onboarding and degree guidance—from day one
  • A rigorous—yet accessible and applicable—curriculum
  • Work-life-learning balance

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a master's degree online?

Earning a University of Kansas online master's typically costs less—and delivers more!

You may be wondering how much it costs to become a KU online graduate program student and take classes online. While prices for each program can vary by school, KU offers an affordable degree that makes a difference.

We’ve created this page so you can quickly find out what your certificate or program will cost and the benefits of investing in your education, career, and future through KU online graduate programs.

Is a University of Kansas online master's degree respected?

Yes! In general, graduate degrees and online master classes can be highly valuable to your career and overall earning potential. Our top-ranked program features education skills taught by top educators. In fact, University of Kansas faculty wrote the book on special education—from first-hand experience and years of expert experience in classrooms just like yours.

Is an online master's less valuable?

Not when it's from the right university.

Online master's level degrees and certificates from accredited, highly ranked universities, such as the University of Kansas, are being increasingly recognized and valued by hiring managers. Our competitive KU graduate tuition rate and the respect our degrees confer make choosing a KU online master's program in education a smart choice to expand your career horizons while reaching your personal and professional goals.

In today's world—with the right degree from the right program, you can take your career and earnings potential to new heights.

Need more information about KU graduate school tuition?

Need more information about KU graduate school tuition?

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  3. Based on a limited sample of self-reported data from students and alumni of the University of Kansas School of Education and Human Services online programs in education from cohorts between 2020 and 2023.