The Online Student Experience at KU

Balancing work and school can be demanding, but the online student experience at the University of Kansas helps students better manage this challenge. One of the greatest benefits of enrolling in an online graduate program is the flexibility it provides—you can complete your coursework on your own time, no matter where you are. The University of Kansas School of Education and Human Sciences offers this convenience without sacrificing the quality of your education. In our online graduate education programs, students will experience studying under the same award-winning faculty members and complete the same rigorous curriculum as in one of our on-ground programs, but you'll also enjoy a highly personalized classroom experience within a flexible program designed for working professionals.

To accomplish this, the University of Kansas School of Education and Human Sciences offers students like you a robust set of interactive tools that help keep you connected. Our online learning management system (LMS) and its interactive features are exceptionally effective and informed by the expertise that has led KU to be ranked one of the nation's top schools of education.1 You may not be face-to-face with your classmates or your instructors, but you'll still have plenty of opportunities to share your experiences, engage in discussions and dig deep into what you learn.

"The video discussions are one of the best things about the program. You're going to want to participate in those because you talk with your peers around the world and you get feedback right at that moment. I've learned so much from engaging with my peers and building connections."
– Sydney Castonguay '20, M.S.E. Special Education: High Incidence Disabilities, Graduate Certificate: Autism Spectrum Disorders

In addition to the course software shared by all our online students, we have commissioned custom technology to better enhance the overall online student experience. These tools virtually simulate a real school district and a diverse array of real students with different learning needs and allow you to digitally track your program progress through a novel interactive interface, all so that our online students can truly put what they've learned into practice. No matter which online graduate program you choose, KU's virtual learning resources will help you get the most out of your studies.

The Online Experience: Student Perspectives

Firsthand student testimonials provide important feedback about KU’s online educational experience. Learn how three key elements of our online programming (faculty expertise, applicable skills, and greater career potential) work in tandem to create a fulfilling educational experience for KU School of Education students and alumni—from one of our graduates.

Canvas Student: Our Online Classroom's Mobile App

All students in our online graduate programs use Canvas Student, which is available for all mobile devices. Canvas Student provides access to course videos and readings, and it allows students to experience interactive course materials any time of day, no matter where they are. But it's also far more than a database of coursework. Through Canvas Student, online students can:

  • Participate in class discussions
  • Collaborate with classmates around the country
  • Communicate with instructors
  • Complete and turn in assignments

iOS users can download the Canvas Student mobile app on the Apple App Store.
Android users can download the Canvas Student mobile app on the Google Play Store.

“Flash Mentoring” Online

As a member of our student and alumni community, you’ll be able to join our network and learn from others’ advice, experience and connections—and share your own, too.

Our online networking forum is open to education alumni and students. By setting up quick 30-minute calls, you can manage and make connections that can help provide insight into your future career. Decide whether you want to make a KU connection in your city, schedule an informational interview in a new field or learn more about what organizations are looking for.

KU’s networking website also features discussion threads where you can post a question of your own or search for an existing thread. Filter discussions by location, industry, major and more. Ask something specific that interests you or more general questions about interviewing and navigating career fairs.

Licensure Resources

Review necessary information for pursuing licensure in your state.

Financial Aid Options

Learn more about your options for financing your graduate education.

Admissions Requirements

Review the necessary admissions requirements for our online graduate education programs.


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