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04 Mar

Ms. Jordan Reads: Teaching, Literacy, Technology

Instructional Strategies

This is another installation in our Teacher Blogger feature, here is a profile of Ms. Jordan Reads.

To Jordan Riley, literacy and technology go hand-in-hand. The educator from Grand Island in Upstate New York runs the social media network, and serves as the co-chair for The Niagara Frontier Reading Council. Riley’s work as a Technology Integration Facilitator helps other educators leverage the Web to enhance their skills as teachers.

Riley is considered to be a go-to resource for educators as she has penned 231 pieces of material – from books to flashcards – that teachers can use to help their students reach their potential in the classroom. Her love of learning and helping others do the same permeates throughout her work as a teacher.

“I am a forever student, and I continue to learn every day,” Riley wrote on her personal blog, “Staying fresh and up to date with new strategies and ideas that I can try with my students is something I am always working on.”

Riley has been teaching in the Grand Island School District for eight years and holds a BS in Elementary and Special Education from SUNY Geneseo. She is also a member of several educational groups aimed at helping teachers become more effective in their methods.

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