Online Degrees Blog A Virtual Tour of the KU Reading Room

A Virtual Tour of the KU Reading Room

26 September

As an online student at the University of Kansas School of Education and Human Sciences, you’ll experience a number of innovative tools and resources that are designed to enrich your overall learning experience. One of the most unique aspects of our online programs is our Reading Room, a customizable, virtual library that’s designed to showcase your various accomplishments in either the Master’s in Reading Education program* or Graduate Certificate in Reading Education.


For each course you complete in your program, you’ll have the opportunity to “unlock” new items that will be displayed in your personal Reading Room. These include new textbooks and various decorative items that can be used to enhance your virtual space and serve as a visual representation of your achievements so far.


For example, when you unlock a new textbook, this is your chance to recommend a specific text from your own research that you feel would be beneficial to share with your classmates.

In this way, the Reading Room provides a unique and collaborative environment for students to interact with one another, discuss readings and share various resources that they think might benefit their classmates’ educational and professional development.

Community View

The Reading Room also features a community view, where you can see all of the recommended texts that have been shared by your classmates, as well as the ones you have personally shared.

Another component of this virtual space is the Reading Room Reflection, a designated block of time that asks students to fully process the course they’ve just completed. This provides students with an opportunity to pinpoint and reflect on the biggest takeaways from the program before progressing to the next course, which helps them to see what they learned and later apply these learnings in their classrooms.

Interested in applying your Reading Room learnings? Find out more about teaching reading and writing skills, or check out how you can improve literacy outcomes as an administrator.

*This program is an online Master of Science in Education (M.S.E.) degree in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in reading education.