C&T 803: Differentiating Curriculum & Instruction

Credits: 3

Key Skills: instructional strategies, assessment strategies, learning differentiation, chalk talk, learning contracts, curriculum compacting, curriculum modifications, assessment

Description: This course is designed for educators (teachers, administrators, and support personnel) interested in expanding curriculum and instruction to accommodate diverse learners in the classroom, K-12. We emphasize exploring, designing, and evaluating materials and pedagogy to differentiate instruction for all learners. Topics focus on using individual profiles, instructional strategies,chalk talk, learning contracts, curriculum compacting, and curriculum modifications to create ascending intellectual demand to challenge students appropriately and to help students develop their talents in diverse, inclusive classrooms.

This course is about differentiation. We will investigate instructional strategies that address the needs of all learners, and that can be applied to any situation on any given day. We will examine what you already do but in a new way that focuses on differentiation, such as assessments or tasks based on interest or ability levels, or increasing motivation through choice. Learning these techniques will help you redefine how you may think of traditional instruction and complex instruction.

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