C&T 820: Methods of TESOL

Credits: 3

Key Skills: ELL support, communicative language teaching, task-based language teaching, ESL education, EFL education, Bilingual education, investigative teaching theory, critical teaching theory, reflective teaching theory

Description: Teaching English as a Second Language is designed to provide teachers with an understanding of teaching English to speakers of other languages, both as a foreign language in other countries and as an additional language in the United States. This interdisciplinary course will prepare future ESL/EFL/Bilingual education teachers to develop the investigative, critical, and reflective teaching theories and approaches needed to work with English language learners of all ages. The course will explore English as a Foreign language, English as a Second Language, communicative language teaching, and task-based language teaching. It may even develop the topic of what it means to be a bilingual education teacher.

Course participants will develop a clear understanding of diverse English language learners in classrooms; effective instructional strategies in working with English language learners; and critical aspects of teaching ESL/EFL/BE in sociocultural contexts.

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