C&T 824: Problems in Second Language Instruction

Credits: 3

Key Skills: curriculum development, research, explicit curriculum, implicit curriculum, second language teaching philosophy, ESL curriculum development, literacy development, professional development, reflective practices

Description: This course is designed to help you examine the curriculum in your current teaching context or that of where you may be teaching in the future to explore the factors that shape curriculum, identify and reflect on curricular choices in the explicit and implicit curriculum, and articulate an informed and reflexive statement of your second language teaching philosophy.

The activities in this course are designed not only for you to develop increased knowledge and understanding of curricular issues related to second language teaching, but to identify and develop the role of the teacher as one who develops, implements, and evaluates curriculum. Some topics will include developing ESL curriculum, exploring language development, and creating literacy development. In addition, the course is designed for you to develop a professional identity that combines reflective practices, research, and ongoing professional development.

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