Reading science: Beyond one-size-fits-all

Despite popular belief, the Science of Reading is anything but a one-size-fits-all approach to help students' literacy development. Done correctly, the SOR offers a comprehensive, research-based approach to reading instruction that has the potential to significantly improve student reading outcomes.

According to KU’s experts, students of all abilities and at all levels of education can benefit from proper SOR techniques in the classroom. This opens an important pathway for a diverse range of students to not only boost their reading skills but also embrace literacy and enjoy reading as lifelong learners.

The exclusive EdWeb video presentation “The Science of Reading: You Know More Than What Others Are Telling You,” led by literacy experts at the University of Kansas Dr. Barbara Bradley and Dr. Heidi L. Hallman, emphasizes the importance of not just reading and writing but also critical and creative thinking. Clarification regarding the teaching of reading, the need for flexibility in SOR approaches, and the broader concept of literacy in real classrooms and communities is also provided.

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Watch the exclusive SOR presentation video to gain insights on how to:
  • Navigate the ever-evolving literacy landscape
  • Implement top-tier literacy strategies across diverse educational levels
  • Find the right balance between teacher guidance and student autonomy
  • Adopt effective, evidence-based approaches to meet diverse needs
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Pioneers in literacy education

Since its inception in 1909, the University of Kansas School of Education and Human Sciences has been at the forefront of training the next generation of educators and led by noted experts in their respective fields.

Heidi Hallman, Professor and Chair, Department of Curriculum and Teaching

Dr. Heidi L. Hallman

Professor and Chair, Department of Curriculum and Teaching

Dr. Heidi Hallman has earned accolades for her research on preparing teachers for diverse classrooms. Her acclaimed publication, "Secondary English Teacher Education in the United States: Responding to a Changing Context (2018)," clinched the prestigious Richard A. Meade Award. A recognized voice in English education, her insights are regularly featured in top-tier journals.

Barbara Bradley

Dr. Barbara Bradley

Professor, Reading Education

Dr. Barbara Bradley specializes in early literacy and is a co-principal investigator on Project PEACE, which explores the literacy of emergent bilingual children. Her scholarship appears in renowned journals including The Reading Teacher. With 14 years as an early childhood special education teacher, Dr. Bradley brings depth and experience to the realm of literacy education.

Master the Science of Reading with KU

At the University of Kansas School of Education and Human Sciences, students in the online master’s in Curriculum and Teaching programs* gain in-depth knowledge of the Science of Reading directly from KU faculty experts, while also acquiring additional advanced educational strategies.

*The department offers an online Master of Science in Education degree in curriculum and instruction with three individual emphasis area options: general curriculum and instruction; reading education; or teaching English to speakers of other languages.

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