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Math can be tough, especially when you start learning new things beyond the most common things we all learn, such as addition and subtraction. When you're in school, you might find it difficult to learn new mathematical concepts, solve problems, or to understand new terms. Learning math is important because it can help you manage money, work in scientific fields, and understand how complicated things like engineering or architecture works. If you are having a tough time with math, there are plenty of online games that can help make it more fun. These games are designed to teach you easier ways to learn new problem-solving skills and understand how math really works in an easy format. Use these games to help you supplement the things your teacher shows you in the classroom, and you'll soon discover that math can be a lot of fun. No matter what grade level you are in, online math games are there to help make mathematics more exciting, and make it easier for you to understand new things. The more you play, the better you'll become at math so you can feel confident with a subject that can sometimes seem rather tricky.

Addition Slot Machine Game

Online Math Games for Kids

This game looks like a slot machine, and it will teach you how to solve simple addition problems. Every time you get a correct answer, you win a turn playing the slots!

Number Drop

Solve the math problems so you can keep the blocks from dropping to the bottom. If you get an answer wrong, the blocks start stacking up and the goal is to get as many correct before they fill up the screen.

Matt H. and the Secret of Mathematics

Follow along with Matt as he travels on an adventure to discover the secrets of math. As you go, you'll collect bonuses and solve problems that get more difficult until you reach the end of your journey.

Create a Graph

This fun, interactive tool shows you how to create your own graph and explains how they work. Select from pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, and more.

Alien Addition

Solve addition problems to help blast the aliens as you travel through outer space. This is a fun game that's also a great way to help you practice you adding skills.

Math Vocabulary Word-O-Rama

This fun online game is designed like a game show, and you'll see a series of statements that you must match the math-related word to. It's a great way to learn new mathematical words so you can better apply them in school and to help you solve different problems.

Change Maker

Learning to count money is an important math skill. For this game, you'll learn how to count your change. When you give the correct answer, the money goes into your piggy bank but if you get it wrong, it gets taken away.

Feed Me Fractions

This game will teach you how to properly add fractions that add up to the number 1 and as you go, you will feed the monster until he grows to full size.

Math Challenge

Use your computer keyboard to solve a variety of math problems as you race against the clock. This game is a great way to challenge yourself and see how quickly you can solve math problems in a pinch.

Shape Riddle

Solve the riddles to figure out what the name of the shape is. When you click on the shape that answers the riddle, you win the round.

Algebra Variables Game

For this game, you'll challenge yourself to see how many times you can solve the problem for the variable you get within one minute. It's a great way to practice your algebra skills!

Surprising Odds!

Fill in the blanks and submit your answers to see how good you are at answering a variety of simple math problems.

Honey, I Shrunk the Data

This fun game from NASA teaches you all about algorithms and distance, and how to figure out how small or large something is in relative sizes to its volume.

Save Perry's Pennies

When you play this game, you will learn all about saving money as you discover the different coins and their value, and how fast it can add up if you work to save it.

Escape from Barter Island

It is important to understand the value of money when it comes to math, and this game shows you how to trade and barter things so you can get items that are higher in value. It's an essential game for teaching the importance of economics and money.

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